Case Study 1

She’s All I need is a one of a kind business that wraps 3 lines of business all into one. One of the main goals of the website was to cohesively bring a distribution revenue stream and create an e-commerce style website to attract a normal audience. Blogging and social media was something that was important since the social media aspect was going to be big so I focused a lot of on that which ultimately drove higher profits.


  • She’s All I Need


  • Web design
  • Website Build


  • 10 Pages
  • Fully automated backups
  • Styleguide
  • WordPress Build


  • SEO
  • Analytics
  • Social Media


  • May 2022

Main Pages

There are actually 3 pages but the 3rd is her personal coaching page and I couldn’t put that one here – although I wish I could because that had some fun colors and imagery in it which really brought the message to life. The homepage and store page were the two most important drivers of her income since most of her profits come from her distribution business. Knowing this I focused my efforts on bringing the content front and center and highlighting new products with large fonts and bold colors to keep the looks fresh and exciting.

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